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Biosphere: space of life on our planet

What is Biosphere?

Biosphere (life sphere), within the context of ecology, is a material system formed by a set of living beings and the surrounding physical environment (environment). This term is also used to define the space within which life develops on our planet.

In other words, we can define the biosphere as the great global ecosystem. It is a collective creation of a huge variety of species and organisms that interact with each other and with the physical environment of the planet.

Ecology researchers claim that the biosphere has the important ability to control, within certain limits, its own state and evolution.

Terrestrial biomes

- Moist tropical and subtropical forests

- Dry tropical and subtropical forests

- Tropical and subtropical coniferous forests

- Temperate deciduous forest

- Temperate coniferous forest

- Taiga (Boreal Forest)

- Tropical and subtropical pastures, savannas and forests

- Pastures, savannas and temperate forests

- Savannas and overgrown fields

- Pastures and mountain forests

- Tundra

- Mediterranean shrub and woodland forest

- Deserts

- Mangroves