Fine permanent fluorescent marker for blue light

Fine permanent fluorescent marker for blue light

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I am looking for a fine- (or small-)tipped permanent marker to write on Petri dishes that is visible under a blue light or a transilluminator. It would seem obvious, but it is a nuisance.

  • The Sharpie Neon series are too thick.
  • Highlighters and all the arts pens I have tried rub off the polycarbonate.
  • The red colour from Staedtler lumocolor (black body) shows up faintly -none of the other do- but too faintly.
  • The Neon series from Staedtler triplus fineliner (gray body, triangular) rub off

So I would like to find what solutions other have come up with or if there is a brand that works well.

EDIT. This is how the Sharpie series look:

I have had this problem before… this is what I ended up using:

You may have to write on a tape or something so that the ink doesn't come off. (Ink may come off if you incubate plates)

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